Tom Rex Jessett


  1. Escaping into the Wilderness

    Date 30 Aug 2017
    South Island classic scenes, Twizel I recently swapped my busy life in Auckland for a week of soaking in the serenity of a South Island winter. One of my absolute favourite places in the world to road trip is New Zealand, in particularly the gorgeous South Island. Ever since I…

  2. This World Exists Volunteering adventure in Cambodia

    Date 06 Feb 2017
    September 16th 2016, 4.45am the alarm goes off and I jump out of bed. It takes a lot of effort to jump out of bed at that time, but not when you have the excitement of starting a journey that you have always dreamt of. It was time to leave…

  3. Smartphone shooting with the Pluto Trigger remote

    Date 04 Jun 2016
    A remote trigger is one of those essential photographer accessories that virtually everyone will have in their bag. The market is full of different makes and models either wired or wireless with a huge variation in price. I have used 4 different triggers over the past few years and have…

  4. How to grow on Instagram

    Date 28 Dec 2015
    It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the social media app Instagram! Actually without it, it’s very unlikely that I would have been writing this blog or even have a website.  Instagram turned photography from a hobby into a passion for me and I’m not the only one –…

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