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Tom Rex Jessett is a driven landscape photographer - addicted to travelling the world and capturing its beauty

Originally from Britain, I've been living overseas since 2010. Visiting over 30 countries in that time frame has taught me many valuable life lessons, given me the opportunity to learn and share different cultures and values, as well as gaining a vast appreciation for the finer side of planet earth. I now reside in Auckland, New Zealand, arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Known as 'T-Rex' to many of my friends, I have always had an interest in photography. However, since buying a compact DSLR in 2012, my interest developed into a passion. Having worked my way quickly through camera systems from a Panasonic micro 2/3 to a Canon crop sensor, it wasn't long before their limits were reached and the obvious jump to full frame came. I now shoot with a top-of-the-line Canon 5D Mark III, a low light powerhouse that complements and aids in achieving the visions that I want to portray. Along with Professional Canon L series lenses and a combination of Lee and Nisi filters, I take having the right equipment for the job very seriously -- if you want to create consistently strong work that can deliver time and time again, you have to invest in the right equipment for the task at hand. 

My passion for photography grew at the same time as the rise of the social media platform, Instagram. With a keen interest in social media, I was soon hooked to the platform -- a fundamental part of the growth in my photography has come from the inspirations and willingness to succeed on Instagram. As my interest in photography grew, along with my interest in sharing with others -- it certainly wasn't an instant success story -- but, as skills and style developed over time, so did the recognition. Now I am recognised as a valued member of the Instagram community with an engaged and fast growing follower base with my brand. 

A rise in the ranks on Instagram has led to many opportunities being presented to me to promote and educate people via social media -- notably in the tourism and destination marketing industry within Australia. 

I have also found time to work with a charity through my photography addiction. In March 2015 I took an ambassadorial role with This World Exists, an education charity that is helping change lives in the developing world. I now use my travel stories and photography to help propel This World Exists' ideas into reality. 

As a self taught photographer, I am always learning -- everyday's a school day after all. With this attitude, I continue to develop new techniques and I am continually pushing myself to improve. As part of my T-Rex Photography image, I have always believed that photography should be shared and enjoyed by anybody who is interested. With photography being a common hobby amongst professionals and amateurs alike, I have, therefore, always been keen to help others develop their own skills, which led to the development of my photography workshops. 

When I'm not photographing, I like to unwind with a coffee or have a social beer with friends. Travelling has always been the main past-time and I particularly love hiking! 

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